Marijuana Smoke

You don't really smoke if you still can't tell the difference between cigarette and marijuana smoke.  Almost every herbalist will most likely admit that they would prefer the smell of marijuana over the scent of a cigarette.  Is it just me or does it seem like after someone smokes one cigarette, they smell like they smoked a whole pack?

The first time I ever smelt burnt marijuana on someone's clothes, I didn't know what it was and I didn't like it.  The smell of marijuana on your clothes is slightly different than smelling smoke in the air, so it is something you have to get used to.  Once you're more frequently exposed to the smell, you start to develop a tolerance for it and soon, a liking.  It's not a cologne of preference in that I wouldn't rather smell weed on a guy than a nice smelling fragrance but if I was to first meet someone, and they smelled of marijuana, it would be an instant compatibility.  If you smell it on someone, you already know they smoke!

I prefer smoking marijuana over cigarettes because of the taste as well.  Not only does a cigarette taste disgusting (to me at least), it doesn't get you high!  The fact that you know you're inhaling a carcinogen and you don't feel relaxed, less stressed or experience pain relief, makes smoking cigarettes and even more stupid decision.  Marijuana not only tastes better, it has MANY different scents and it's not harmful to the body like cigarettes; it's actually helpful!

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