Be honest, food tastes so much better when you're high.  Seriously, it's like sex in your mouth!  After smoking it's almost guaranteed that you'll have the munchies.  When you're on a cloud, almost everything looks delicious and your appetite is HUGE!  Sometimes your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, meaning you may think you want a massive amount of food but when you start eating, you fill up fast and you can't eat most of the food. 

I must say, it's a habit to smoke a blunt and munch on something afterwards.  Luckily, I've been able to maintain my figure even though I don't watch what I eat.  I always find that my food is much better when I'm under the influence. I might even be a but of a daredevil and try things I probably wouldn't try if I was sober.  And I am definitely a professional at taking more food than I can eat.  Smoking weed makes me feel so hungry, but my tummy fills up really fast.  

Smoking could make you creative in the kitchen too!  Sometimes it's a pain to cook but other times, it's fun to experiment.  Adding extra ingredients to your recipes, doing tricks in the kitchen, designing your plate to look like it came from a fancy restaurant are a few things to do to make cooking while high more interesting.  Different strains give you different feelings.  If you're feeling creative, why not do something different with food? 

If you're an herbalist and you don't know how to cook, shame on you!  You should be able to feed yourself after you get high.  You don't have to be a master chef, but you should be able to satisfy your munchies.  

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