"Nah, I'm Good" - Passing Up A Blunt

This weekend, I found myself passing on a few spliffs.  Not because I was too high, or didn't want to smoke - but because it was reggie and I already had a headache.  Yeah, reggie never fails to give me a headache.  Not saying I won't smoke it; if my neighborhood is dry (can't find any weed) and my only option is to smoke reggie, I will.  But I won't keep smoking it throughout the day or, like I said, I'll get a headache.  So when I was being passed a reggie spliff, I politely declined.

There are a few circumstances where I feel like passing your turn in a cyph is Ok.  Like if you have a headache, it's not rude to say no thanks.  If you're sick, please, don't hit my spliff.  When you don't throw down on the cyph - sorry, but you should pass unless someone invited you into the cypher. 

You might watch someone roll a blunt and soak it up with their saliva, which would definitely make me less likely to smoke that blunt.  Whoever rolled up might have been sick and make you not want to smoke with them.  If you don't see it rolled, you may not trust it.  There may be someone in the cyph that you don't know - nowadays, you don't know what sickness, diseases and other crazy things are passed from person to person so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't wanna smoke after someone you don't know.

Don't feel bad if there's ever a circumstance where you just don't feel like smoking.  As herbalists, we get high all the time.  Sometimes, it's too much and you just want a lil' break.  If you ever don't feel like smoking, just say so.  Don't ever feel pressured by other people.  After all, cannabis is a drug that should bring along peace and happiness, not peer pressure.

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