New Year, With Cannabis

Has the new year had you feeling like you need a little change in your life? Not speaking about your entire life; but your cannabis life. Maybe it's time for you to introduce yourself to new forms of cannabis, or it's about time that you learn more about the endocannabinoid system. Or what about the opposite, what if you think it's time for you to slow down on smoking to increase your tolerance?


Whatever it is, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start new traditions and get rid of old habits. Commonly, people like to create resolutions, so why not make one that applies to cannabis?

If you feel like you have to smoke more often to maintain or to even feel medicated, then maybe it's a good time to consider not smoking as much for a certain length of time.  The longer you go without smoking, your tolerance decreases. Wait a week or two, or even a month, to get back into developing a new smoking routine. Almost instantly after smoking for the first time after a while you will see that you feel "higher" or that the high is more intense.

Never had an edible? What about using cannabis infused topicals? Have you ever dabbed? Why not now!? Take precaution when trying these new things. If you are a veteran at smoking flowers, that doesn't mean your tolerance will be as high when it comes to edibles or concentrates. Take it slow, and before you decide to indulge in new cannabis ventures, make sure you read our article on microdosing.

Some other good ideas for new ways to smoke this year are trying new apparatus' (aka paraphernalia). Put your beloved bowl or bong on the shelf and pick up a new piece to fall in love with. You can also find new people to smoke with - some of the friends you have now may be more interested in smoking than you think. Don't be afraid to spark up a conversation about it.. over a joint.

Hey, we spend so much money on weed, right? Why not learn how to grow it!? Please be mindful of your state laws before jumping into this one. But knowing how to grow your own beloved Mary Jane wouldn't be a bad thing to know. If you can't grow it, would you be opposed to cooking with it? Why the hell not!? Learn how to cook with cannabis oil and butter and enjoy discovering what your favorite canna-dish is.

Did we give you any ideas? Have you started any of these yet?