People Just Don't Understand

There are still so many people in the world with an old fashioned state of mind.  Those people tend to feel that marijuana is a psychedelic drug that we shouldn't use and those who do smoke are usually unmotivated, lazy and have no ambition for anything in life besides cannabis.  Herbalists are still looked down upon in the eyes of many elders, authority figures and those who don't smoke.   

With things changing rapidly in the past few years, marijuana is becoming more universally acceptable. Herbalists are more often not as shy to admit that they smoke regularly or even that they're high. Yet, the cannabis community still has to deal with the opposers against our beloved marijuana and don't see the impact it has made in millions of lives.  Majority of Americans have tried smoking pot at least once in their life. Not all may fall in love with it however others find that marijuana is beneficial to their lives for many different reasons.  

Cannabis is becoming more accepted as a drug to heal critical ailments such as epilepsy. Miraculously, it has been discovered that CBD oil can be extracted from the cannabis plant to help reduce seizures that epileptic patients suffer daily.  Not only is cannabis a natural, it is also not addictive like the prescription medication doctors have more commonly prescribed to patients.  

Cannabis can help with other ailments such as nausea, insomnia, glaucoma, depression, loss of appetite and many more. It's a shame that even with scientific research proving that marijuana aids these issues, there are still non-believers! 

It is important that the cannabis community continues to fight for the education and legalization of marijuana.  Herbalists have a role of using marijuana responsibly to show anti-cannabis Americans that marijuana is not a harmful, mind-altering drug.   Unfortunately, individuals who are considering entering the cannabis industry, for whatever purpose, will face road blocks, set backs and pessimists. Remember, our mission has a purpose.  Our community is filled with entrepreneurs with pure intentions to benefit others and there is no better goal than that. 

To those of you that continue to support The Higher Content through our accomplishments, trials and errors and minor setbacks, thank you for reading and following.  And for those of you who contribute to the industry, we appreciate your involvement in the community. 

Thank you. 


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