Reasons To Smoke

In our time, we've heard plenty of reasons not to smoke.  While most reasons may have been proven false, we have heard many deterring things about marijuana growing up.  Nowadays, with marijuana legalization becoming a major current event, the media has been sharing debatable facts about cannabis to lead us to believe that marijuana is a medicine, not a harmful drug. 

In my days of smoking, I have found marijuana to be a stress reliever among many other things.  After an argument, runnin around doing errands all day, or working a full day, easing your mind with an uplifting sativa is a good way to relieve some stress.  Indica's are a good way to relax after a workout or a day of manual labor.  Cannabis is an excellent muscle relaxor and is commonly referred to as a "couch potato drug."  Yes, you might get lazy when you smoke. However it's no different from the side effects you may feel from taking a prescribed drug from a doctor. 

States that have legalized cannabis have made it so that medical marijuana patients must be cleared by a doctor to purchase weed at a dispensary.  Doctors can recommend that you smoke a certain strain to help your insomnia, muscle pain, migraines, stress and more.  There are many varieties of cannabis that can help many different ailments.  Some strains may not be preferred by certain smokers because they don't like the effects, just like when people don't prefer taking certain pills or extracts because of the side effects. 

Cannabis is the only organic drug on the market.  Some say it's a miracle drug because it has helped people with serious conditions such as HIV, AIDS, cancer or epilepsy or minor conditions like eczema or insomnia.  If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, consult with an MMJ doctor to see if cannabis is the right treatment for you. 

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