Roll Up!

It became clear to me that I was a "smoker" when I began to get frustrated when I couldn't smoke.  Not because I had no weed, papers or dutch - because I couldn't roll.  So I bought myself a bowl, which sufficed for the dimes I smoked here and there.  But soon enough, I started to miss smoking blunts on the regular and didn't want to depend on anybody to roll up for me.

Although I had been smoking since I was sixteen, I didn't learn how to roll a blunt until my freshman year of college.  In the backseat of a junior's car, I watched over his shoulder and asked for tips as he rolled.  I first learned how to mummy wrap a vanilla DutchMaster, unraveling the outer leaf then splitting down the inner leaf and rolling from the inside, out.  It took me a while to master how to crack a dutch down the middle and roll it in the air.  Mummy wrapping on a surface made it much easier for me to tuck and roll but - practice makes perfect!

If you're one of those people who smoke but don't know how to roll, step your game up and learn!  A true smoker should be able to bring their own smoke to the table AND roll it up.

If you're a master roller, how do you roll up?

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