Rookie - 1st Time Getting High

I don't know why but I always liked smoking.  Like, actually smoking.. putting a blunt to your lips, inhaling, exhaling, seeing the smoke…  Don't get me wrong, I like my smoking utensils: bowls, vaporizers, bongs.. I especially love my OneHitter; but I always liked smoking BLUNTS.  16 years old, new to the game.  I remember hearing friends of friends talking about how high they got the other night, how they're about to go smoke - and wishing I could too.  Smelling the weed smoke on their clothes - not necessarily liking it but wanting to know what it felt like to be high.  Looking in their red eyes, chinky and tired-looking after they just cyphed.  I wished I knew why everyone liked it so much.

So the day came that my rookie ass was invited to smoke a blunt.  I felt like a real rebel, walking across the street after school into the woods so that no one could see the massive crowd of teenagers smoking two blunts.  Maybe that's why I didn't get high my first time.  Somewhere between 10-12 heads on two L's, niggas was lucky if anybody got high.  But I sure thought I was - I was extremely happy, couldn't stand still and freakishly paranoid.  Happy because I finally smoked.  Finally!  That scent of burnt weed had to be on my clothes.  My eyes must've been low, probably bloodshot since I had never done this before.  And then the extreme paranoia started kicking in.  Pacing back and forth because people could probably smell the weed on me.  And then they'd stare at me like I stare at them.  They'll see in my eyes, my low, red eyes, that I was high.  And if I didn't get back in front of the school before my dad pulled up to take me home, that might be the first and last time I ever smoke a blunt.

I always been the type to rather be stress-free than stressed out (I mean, who wouldn't!?)  So what I believed was me being high overpowered all my paranoid thoughts.  You couldn't tell me nothing.  Those butterflies and that hype came from the weed.  That was some good shit, I was high as fuck - or so I thought.