Sesh Etiquette

Herbalists should be well aware that there are do's and don'ts when it comes to smoking with others. There may be certain things that don't bother you personally like rolling a perfect joint, lip gloss on your mouth piece, one hit, two hit, three hit, four! However, when you gather with other herbalists to enjoy some fine, high grade cannabis, there are a few common sense rules and maybe a few others that you might want to incorporate in your sesh rules.


Etiquette is hard to come by nowadays. In an age where everyone preaches acceptance and debates right's and wrong's, it's hard to tell what should be followed, what's propaganda and what's straight bullshit. One things for sure, in a community where sharing is caring there is also a common courtesy, decency and respect that comes along with it.


First things first, lets talk about rule #1: sharing is caring. No one likes a chiefer, a mooch, or an opportunist - so don't be that guy. If you're invited to sesh with a friend or a group of friends, it's always polite to bring at least a little party favor, i.e MARIJUANA. Never show up to a sesh empty handed. It is polite to be able to match the smoke that's being provided and if you can't, an offer to compensate for it is always respected. Depending on the strength of your relationship with that person, you may or may not be able to smoke for free. However, do not overlook the fact if you are smoking for free. Always offer.


We've all heard it before: Puff, puff, pass. It is standard in a smoke sesh for each person to get two hits on each turn. To take any more than two hits is disrespectful to the cypher because you inhale more cannabis than the others in the sesh, which could alter others expectations and experience getting medicated.


It should never be an argument who gets to hit it next because you should always pass to your left. Pass the dutchie pon di left hand side... most of us may have heard the song before. If not, at least heard the irie phrase before. For no rhyme or reason, this is just a simple way to remind you to pass to the left.


One of my biggest pet peeves (and im sure it bothers you too) is being passed a joint with a mouthpiece soaked with saliva. Your lips don't have to be extremely moist to get medicated! And it is mindful for those smoking with others to be cautious of that, or at least wipe it off before you pass it. Not only is a wet pull hole absolutely disgusting, but it helps resin build up at the tip of joint. Resin causes joints or blunts to be clogged and it becomes harder for the smoke to travel through. Pulling on the joint/blunt becomes difficult and sometimes people pull so hard that they suck the resin (and saliva) right into their mouth. Nastiest inhale you'll ever take...  In short, keep it spit free!


It took some time for me to figure out exactly how to pass a joint. It may not sound like such a big deal but, for too long I was passing joints so that it was too difficult for the other person to grab it comfortably. When you pass a joint or blunt, you want whoever your passing it to to be able to take it from your hand securely without risk of dropping it. (Because dropping the blunt is bad luck! And then you have to slap their hand, it's a process..) You don't want to pass it so that the lit end is facing them and they have to do an awkward hand maneuver to grab it from you. You also do not want to hold so much of the joint/blunt so that the other person can't see where to grab. A simple way to pass a joint/blunt would be to hold it by the mouthpiece, standing straight up. That way, the receiver has the entire length of the joint/blunt to securely take from you. Another way to pass would be to hold the body of the joint/blunt and face the mouth piece towards the other person. This way allows the other person to get a good grip on the mouthpiece while taking it from you.


And please, ash before you pass! There's nothing worse than having to clean up after yourself when you smoke. Going in public or around other non-smokers smelling like a burnt roach is never appealing but who wants to walk around with ash or black smudges on their clothes because they were ashed on? Ash is so light that it can easily fall, be blown or knocked off at the slightest touch or bump. Keeping the ash low when in a cypher is a good way to ensure that none of the herbalists get ashed on. Or, you could always make a game out of it and try to smoke the entire joint without ashing. Whoever ashes, loses.