Sharing Safely

Cannabis is known to be a sharing drug. Herbalists roll up, smoke and pass to friends, family and even other herbalists they just met to create a comfortability in an awkward situation. You know your friends and trust your family, so smoking with them is somewhat carefree. However, when seshing with individuals you have just met, it is important to smoke and share safely.  

It is common when at cannabis events like the HighTimes Cannabis Cup to be wandering around from booth to booth and be offered to take a hit from a joint, or if you're lucky, a creative rolled blunt. But who rolled it? What's in it? Who else's lips have touched it? These are all questions that we can't be sure of the answers. You should always asked what type of joint you're being offered to smoke. Knowing the strain and if there are any additives like tobacco leaf, concentrates or hash, is very important for your own safety. 

Not only do you need to know what you're consuming, it's also extremely important not to put your lips to anything if you don't know who rolled it or every individual that has hit it. Anything from the common cold to cold sores to herpes can be spread by an infected person putting their lips on a joint and sharing it. To avoid the risk of catching something, you always have the option to politely decline. To safely partake in smoking with many people, hold the joint at the mouthpiece and put your lips to your fingers to pull on the joint. 

Always trust your gut feeling. When you're in an environment where many people are smoking, know your tolerance and don't smoke anything from anyone that doesn't feel right. 

Sharing is caring but always keep your health in mind. Getting medicated is momentary, your health is forever.