Showing Love & Support

The cannabis community is a group of people who have the same passion for marijuana. Worldwide, herbalists have made connections with others by sharing stories, picture, comments, and support for the cannabis plant and the legalization of it. A diverse community of individuals, the community and industry is always welcoming smokers, new and old, to represent and stand together. If you have not found your position or created a mission for your role in the industry, there are so many possibilities to make yourself useful.  

As for The Higher Content, we found great pleasure by initially sharing the strains we've come across in New York. Our Instagram account quickly gained popularity to the point where we felt that we wanted to do more. With our education in business and English, we decided to share cannabis community news with our followers. We have committed ourselves to being an outlet to uplift the community by sharing information, interviews, stories and product reviews. 

Other herbalists have made connections by sharing beautiful bud pictures of strains around the world.  There are people who consider themselves "Strain Hunters," and dedicate their time to finding different strains around the world. Strain hunters help cannabis community members learn about the massive variety of strains and their effects.  

There are people out there that are determined to legalize marijuana nationwide. Cannabis activists are dedicated to attending and creating rally's and protests to show the government that the people feel that marijuana should be legalized. These people may be so dedicated that they will go to the extreme and risk being arrested in hopes that they will make a change for others.  Activists are usually very educated yet defiant in order to make a stand for what they love. 

There are subtle supporters who smoke, but are not open and outward about it. Herbalists like these tend to be somewhat or just as passionate as other cannabis community members but will still keep their habit a secret due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal. They usually complain about marijuana being illegal but they won't do anything about it. They just like to get high. 

Then there are ganjapreneurs. These are usually the ones who have been smoking for years and have found a pet peeve that they want to rid themselves and others from. They've earned the title because they are entrepreneurs who invented a product strictly for herbalists. The industry has recently become flooded with ganjapreneurs with different genius inventions that have changed the cannabis game. 

Still haven't found your way in?  Don't be discouraged; the industry is still and is expected to always be booming. Not only is marijuana a beloved drug, it is now becoming used more often as a medicine.  You can be apart of the cannabis community too when you find your niche. 


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