Smoke With Mama On Mothers Day

Your mom looks forward to Mother's Day every year, waiting for you to show her some appreciation for.. well, raising you! If your mom medicates, what better way to spend time together than to light up a few doobies with mama dukes? 

Sesh's are usually a bunch of friends and family getting together to smoke and enjoy each other's company. The same can be applied with parents who are able look past the age difference and get high with their kids. 

Some of the most intellectual debates are sparked during smoke sesh's, and we're sure your mom will enjoy the conversation, no matter the topic, simply because she's talking to you.  

Your mom doesn't smoke? Well don't force it on her! You don't want to ruin her day by getting her too medicated for her comfortability. If you feel that you can't go without being medicated on Momma's Day, partake in some edibles that will give you that medicated feeling, but not the smell. But you could also wait to medicate.  

Most importantly, enjoy this Sunday with your mother - medicated or not.  


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