Smoking Around Kids

Everyone has a different idea of when an appropriate age to start smoking would be.  But what about a good age to smoking around kids?   At parties and social gatherings where adults and children are present, it may be hard sometimes to seclude the adult activities from the kids.  The liquor always stays away from the juice and mindful parents try not to smoke cigarettes around kids, subjecting them to second hand smoke.  When would you consider it "appropriate" for a kid to possibly catch a contact high?

It may depend on the maturity of the kid for parents or elders to allow them to hang around while they smoke.  It may also depend on how much they have been exposed to marijuana and it's effects.  If a kid is around people who silly and irresponsibly when high, they may develop those habits as well.  Whereas if the people that smoke when a child is around set an example by relaxing and enjoying their high, the child will exhibit those tendencies when they catch a contact or begin to smoke themselves. 

Education is an important factor when introducing and smoking around kids.  You want to make sure that they understand about the cannabis plant, it's affects - pros and cons, and teach them the smart way to buy and smoke marijuana.  When smoking around someone who is younger than you, you always want to be a good example.  Although you can't be responsible for other people's actions, you don't want to be apart of the reason that their weed smoking habit is detrimental. 

Before smoking with someone who is younger than you, make sure that it is Ok with their parents.  There's nothing worse than an elder blowing your high because of something you did.  You should also never allow a child to influence you to allow them to smoke.  You should always use your better judgement - besides, marijuana is still illegal in some states.  The reprucusions for providing marijuana to minors are VERY intense so don't get caught out there! 

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