Smoking When Sick

I'm pretty sure there has come a time when you wanted to smoke with someone, but they were sick.  What do you do?  Do you protect your health and smoke your own blunt or do you not mind and will smoke with them anyway?

I hate being sick, I mean, who doesn't?  I would much rather face an L or spliff before I hit something that was passed to me from someone who's sick.  Otherwise, I'll be kicking myself later for trying to get high and not caring about my health.  It's always better to be a germophobe when it comes to smoking with people who are sick.  You don't want to catch whatever they have so, until they get better, it's best that you smoke separate blunts.  If you're hitting a bong or bowl, clean off the mouth piece with an alcohol wipe after someone who's sick takes a hit to avoid passing germs to each other.

If the person you are smoking with is sick, you have a chance of catching what they have too.  There's been a few times that I've smoked with someone who was sick and a day or so later, I would start feeling the symptoms.  If you decide that you want to smoke with someone regardless if they're sick or not, it's not a bad idea to build up your immune system by taking vitamins, eating and drinking healthy or even taking some cold medicine before bed to try and knock it out of your system before it gets too bad.  If you could avoid getting to the point where you're so sick that you can't get out of bed, do it!

Sometimes it's hard to resist that blunt, joint or bong hit coming from a sick person.  If they don't seem to be that sick, you might not pass up the opportunity.  If they look and sound like shit, it could be easier to say, "I'm good on that."  Whatever you do, make sure you take care of your health and don't be inconsiderate; if you do end up getting sick - don't go around passing it to others.

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