Smoking With A Veteran

Have you ever smoked with someone older than you?  When I say older, I don't mean a year or two older, I mean someone who's old enough to be your parents or even your grandparents.  If you're a young herbalist, smoking with adults may seem "uncool," but when you're older you're able to appreciate the conversation, education and even the the ability to open their eyes to how we smoke nowadays as compared to when they started smoking.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat down with a veteran smoker and had them tell me countless stories about how they thought smoking was so much better back in their day.  They complain about how expensive it is to smoke.  Back then, they would get so much more weed than we get for $20.  After statements like that, I have to explain that we don't smoke reggie; the weed we smoke is more potent and grown differently, that's why it costs more.  They usually respond saying they like their regular marijuana - it gets them high and they'd rather get more for their money.  I usually just shake my head.

It's interesting when I use a hemp wick lighter or a one hitter or a vape pen in front of a vet.  They look at me like what the hell is that?  While explaining what it is, they seem interested because I can prove that it is a healthy method of getting high.  Still, they want to stick to their traditional way of smoking.

When smoking with someone who's older than you, it's cool to listen to their stories about back in the day.  You never know what story will pop into their head that will lead them into a conversation about their memories.  You may realize that they went through similar things that you did or that life wasn't that much different, it just has a modern day twist now.  It's never a bad thing to smoke with someone who's older than you.  If they have the same appreciation for marijuana as you, don't shut yourself off to just smoking with your friends.

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