Social Smokers vs. Herbalists

There is a HUGE difference between social smokers and herbalists.  If you're an herbalist, you know when someone's frontin' about being an herbalist.  When someone's in your cyph and they take baby hits of the blunt; when someone smokes with you once but turns down the next L; when they won't smoke if it's just you and them but when in a big crowd, they're down to get high.  That's a social smoker!

Social smokers only smoke on occasion.  Like those people who only smoke cigarettes when they're drinking or only have a drink when at a club or gathering, social smokers get high to be apart of the group activities.  If you gave a social smoker a dub, they probably wouldn't smoke it without you or someone else.  

Herbalists get high whenever they have the chance.  If there's ganja in the area, they're willing to cop some, roll it up and smoke it with or without you.  Herbalists don't need a special occasion to get high, smoking blunts is a daily routine!

It all depends on your smoking habits.. Which one are you?

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