St. Paddy's Day: Beer Or Bud?

Most people look forward to St. Patrick's Day for the festivities: parades, bar crawls, green beer & bagels.  This holiday celebrates the Luck of the Irish and those in observance of the day enjoy indulging in a good quality beer like Guinness. 

We are not Irish nor are we beer drinkers, so the common celebration doesn't appeal to us.  We steer clear of the bars and avoid interacting with the men and women with liquid courage.  We choose to celebrate St. Patrick's Day differently - with green, of course.

Keep it organic; cannabis is a natural product of the earth that grows green in color unlike all of the other products you will find out there in celebration of the holiday.  Everything from clothes to your food and drinks will be artificially dyed green.  While all of these products that are normally different in color are eye catching and match the color scheme of the holiday, is it healthy to ingest artificial colors? (Your poop may turn green, don't say we didn't warn you!)

Who doesn't enjoy a green bagel or a cheap beer? We're not against the common celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we're just saying it's not our style.  So if you're not a beer drinker, or not Irish like us, then we're sure you'll find pleasure in kicking back with a good friends and strains of cannabis. 

Stick with the green!  Cop yourself a tasty sativa to get you through the day - keeping you active and productive.  A sativa dominant hybrid would be a great choice for your after work or school activities to give you that relaxation you're looking for but also not put you to sleep.  You still want to enjoy the holiday and possibly indulge in a beer or some other sort of Irish tradition.  Edibles are a great way to keep a sustainable high throughout the hours of your celebration as the feeling of the high may be present for 10 minutes, then disappear and come back again.

After a long day of celebrating, you'll want something to easily relax you and put you to sleep.  A sativa won't do the trick this time so pick up an indica dominant hybrid strain or one that is 100% indica.  The best thing about using cannabis is - NO HANGOVERS! You can smoke as much as you want or can tolerate and you'll wake up the next day able to do whatever is on your list of things to day.


We hope you enjoy your St. Patric's Day however you choose to celebrate.