Summer Seshin Advisory

If you're like us, then you're probably medicated for majority of your day, everyday.  But, we must advise all of our herbalists to be mindful of the weather change and how it can affect your high. As the temperatures increase and herbalists prefer to smoke outside rather than indoors, it is very important to take care of yourself and those you're smoking with while medicating.

It may be common sense to most, but to those who get lost in the moment or too high to remember the basics, here's a reminder.

When smoking, especially in the summer heat, make sure to always stay hydrated. It is extremely important to keep your body at its normal temperature (or as close as possible) when you are getting high. Marijuana relaxes your muscles, among other things, so with a dehydrated body when under the influence has the tendency to feel incredibly weak.  If you do not keep a drink close by when smoking in the summer, you could be risking some serious issues.  You may begin to feel weak, your body tingles, sweating/hot flashes, blurred/foggy vision, off-balance.  Worst comes to worst, you can pass out from dehydration when smoking in the heat (which we have seen TOO MANY times during the summer cannabis events).  When a friend passes out while smoking, not only is it one of the scariest things to someone who's high, but it could also lead to long term affects, depending on the severity of how the person fainted.

We know, it's hot! But don't bring your ganja outside unless you know it's safe. If you're living in a state that has not legalized marijuana, those opposed to it will not accept or turn a blind eye to your weed smoke. Just because the temperatures are rising does not mean that you should promote your smoke.  Should you choose to smoke outside, pick a quiet, secluded area where you are not likely to be interrupted (or caught) to enjoy your joint in peace.

Last but not least, the MOST IMPORTANT RULE: KNOW YOUR LIMIT! Everyone wants to smoke and everyone wants to feel apart of the "cool gang." But those things should never come before your own safety and personal enjoyment.  Lets face it, you don't wanna be the one in the group that is too high to function.  And you don't wanna be that guy that everyone talks about because you're wasting weed, taking baby hits, just to hang out with your friends.  The heat can influence the strength of your high, so don't be surprised if you feel higher than usual after smoking less than normal, or visa versa.