Tears & THC Don't Mix

You can't prevent it - when you just finished smoking and all of a sudden, someone calls or comes to you breaking down in tears. Now you have to become the therapist, you can't enjoy your high. What's even worse is when you're high and something happens that makes you burst out in tears!  Perfect timing right?  NOT!

There was a time I was smoking and driving home with my amateur cousin.  We hadn't gotten high together too many times before our ride together. It was a beautiful night, my trunk was knocking, blasting Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller on the road. I was in a good mood, my cousin was over, we just copped bud, we were gonna get high and probably have some sort of adventure.  As I'm driving, I'm nodding my head to the beat, bouncing up and down in the seat, hitting the steering wheel as I smile and sing all the words to my favorite songs. Apparently, my cousin must have thought I lost my mind because she was freaked the fuck out!  "Stop! Oh my God, calm down."  I could see out of my peripherals that she was uncomfortable. She tried to sit in the passenger seat and not say anything because she was always the scared one. But she couldn't take it - she was scared for her life!  Little did she know I was nowhere near as high as she was. Her baby lungs had her high as fuck and I was feeling right!  She started to cry. 

Oh my God, I thought to myself. Some things never change. I obviously didn't want her to keep crying so I turned down. Turn down for what?  Because tears and THC don't mix!  When you smoke, you want to be worry-free. You get high to relax, not freak out!   

For an amateur smoker, they may think that when you get high you're supposed to be paranoid. That's FAR from true!  As for my cousin, I played a big role in teaching her about smoking weed.  Herbalists should take every opportunity their given to educate others about marijuana and it's effects. It's important to rid the world of the myths about marijuana.  

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