Thai Stick

Can I just tell you guys how A M A Z I N G Thai sticks are!? 

I learned about Thai Sticks on Instagram and fell in love with the concept of it.  A Thai Stick is basically a blunt made of premium grade cannabis.  High grade marijuana is wrapped with hemp rope around a thick stem from a cannabis plant.  It is a slow process making a Thai Stick, which makes the bud more potent; so potent in fact that people believed that the stick was dipped in opium to produce stronger effects!  The slow curing process, however, compresses and dries the bud, allowing greater potency.

Of course I saw a Thai Stick and thought Let's make one!  But I've heard they're not that easy and require a lot of patience (which I don't have lol.)  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to hit @Newjerzcannabiz's Thai Stick at the Boston Freedom Rally in September.  I only had to take one hit of that bad boy and I was instantly high!  His Thai Stick burned and hit so smooth, had a delicious taste and was all around an amazing smoke.  And I couldn't believe that for his first Thai Stick it looked and smoked perfectly!

If I could smoke nothing but Thai Sticks for the rest of my life, I definitely would!  In my opinion, Thai Sticks may be the healthiest way to smoke.  I mean, you're smoking nothing but cannabis! One thing I can say about Thai Sticks is that they should be left for the veteran smokers.  If an amateur was to hit a Thai Stick, they might get higher than they're used to which can cause them to have a bad high and a bad opinion about weed.  Shit, 'cuz I smoke heavy and even I was higher than I expected - in a good way, though.

Big shout out to the homie @Newjerzcannabiz for giving us the opportunity to smoke our first Thai Stick with you and your crew!  For more information on how to make your own Thai Stick, check out this informational post on the Stoner Day's website: A Stoners Process of Rolling Thai Stick Blunts.

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