THC x 4/20

It's that time of year again where herbalists gather together to medicate with their favorite meds, music, munchies and more in celebration of National Marijuana Day. For true herbalists, 4/20 is just another day with just a little more emphasis on their smoking habit. However, many other casual smokers use 4/20 as an opportunity to get as medicated as possible. 

Many "closet smokers" come out to celebrate - even if for once a year. Tons of cannabis flowers are rolled up and burned down all over the country on just this one day. Sharing is caring but, safety is always a concern. Always be cautious of what you smoke and who you smoke with. Be mindful of others habits and what they put in their joints/blunts or dabs. Keep your tolerance in mind. 

Passing joints/blunts between many people always raises the risk of spreading sickness and diseases, so don't smoke with just anybody! Being anxious to smoke should never 'cloud' your judgement. Sesh with people you know and are comfortable to avoid the possibility of contracting anything. 

You also should be aware of the meds you provide for your 4/20 sesh('s). National Marijuana Day lasts the entire day, so be sure to compensate yourself to be medicated as much as you'd like. Seshing with others should also be fair - so members of the sesh to provide an equal amount of meds.  

Being that 4/20 is known to be celebrated by those who smoke marijuana, when smoking in public on this day, herbalists should be extra careful. Smoking in public is a risky and confusing law, even in states that have legalized cannabis, so always keep your guard up when medicating in public. 

All in all, 4/20 is a day to indulge in and enjoy marijuana. Please enjoy safely and responsibly.  


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