The Cannabis Community vs. Instagram


For the cannabis community, it has been a continuous battle to post their pictures and videos via Instagram due to the social media platform's senseless deleting sprees. Everyday, our favorite feeds are disappearing - some temporarily and others permanently. Many members of the community have been subject to being deleted multiple times. Its uncertain whether some of the most popular cannabis accounts will be deleted and never seen again. 

With Instagram not seeming to ease up on their war against the cannabis community, many users have given up on their fight to remain present on the social media app. The frustration of constantly being deleted is enough of a reason to stop filling out appeal forms and creating new accounts. However, those who generate a large amount business on the app, it gives entrepreneurs an incentive to continue using Instagram.  Not to mention, Instagram connects friends, new and old. 

So what do we, as ganjapreneurs, cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts, do to express ourselves on social media?  Start by signing our petition to create cannabis community protection on Instagram. For those of you herbalists who enjoy using the social media app, your account deserves protection against senseless reports and flags. We deserve a technical support team that will explain why our accounts have been deactivated and a faster more informative appeal process. Proper warnings should also be delivered to accounts that have been flagged or reported, giving users a chance to adjust or correct our "improper behavior."

These deleting sprees are definitely discouraging for the rising cannabis community. Not only do we have to be concerned with federal and state laws in our everyday lives, but now, Instagram is creating a war against cannabis of its own. The Higher Content's mission is to creat change and help bring awareness to the massive amount of Instagram users who represent the cannabis community. Please sign our petition to create cannabis community protection on Instagram and hopefully, one day we will stop seeing our favorite faces and feeds disappear. 


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