The Cannabis Community

After being in this industry for a year, we have come realize that this industry is more than just a career choice or a business move.  The people that make up the cannabis industry can also be considered to be apart of a community of herbalists who share a common interest.  Everyone has a preference as to which activities they choose to participate in.  It's such a breath of fresh air that now, cannabis becoming a more common current event that is being discussed more and more, whether good or bad.  With the growth of communication and research, herbalists across the globe have found an environment for them to interact with other people just like them.

Although cannabis is not fully legal, we've found so many people with similar personalities and interests as us.  For years, we've loved marijuana and were so happy to find a community of people who respect and genuinely care about our passion.  As we continue to blog for you as well as ourselves, everyday we learn more about marijuana and how it has impacted so many lives.  Of course, we are all still surrounded by those who believe the negative myths about cannabis.  Those of you who take the time to read our posts and comment on our Instagram feed about the miracles of marijuana have proven that the cannabis community is full of opinionated activists.  Together, we have the power to make a monumental change.

The cannabis community is the most welcoming of groups we have ever encountered.  The vibes of this community are positive and laid back.  Herbalists have a "sharing is caring" mentality when it comes to their medication, wanting others to experience the effects of the many different strains that cannabis has to offer.  The community is educated in many fields, usually with a specialty in one.  Each cypher with a different herbalist can accompany a unique conversation or experience, making no sessions alike.

We've fallen in love with the choice we've made to blog for the cannabis community.  Thank you for continuing to support us sharing news and product reviews with you, our cannabis community family.


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