The Dab Trend

Dabbing has become a new trend in the cannabis community.  With many extract companies popping up all over the country, herbalists are taking their habits to a new level, smoking concentrated THC, also know as concentrates or dabs.  Dabbing can be considered "the next level" of smoking weed, being that taking a dab is more potent than smoking a joint or blunt.  Dabs are made from extracting the THC from the cannabis buds and making it into a liquid or wax form.  

One important thing to know about dabbing is that you must build a tolerance.  Taking a dab has a much stronger effect than the average consumption of cannabis.  When being introduced to dabbing, take smaller dabs until you understand how your body reacts to concentrated THC.  Taking a bigger dab than you can handle for the first time can negatively impact your experience and keep you from wanting to dab in the future.

There are also different ways to consume concentrates.  Most are introduced to dabbing on a rig, a glass device similar to a bong.  It is necessary to have a torch and a nail in order to hear your concentrates.  Nails can be purchased as titanium, ceramic, glass or electric (e-nail).  A regular BIC lighter will not suffice to heat your nail therefore, you will need a butane torch.  Taking a high temperature dab will surely melt your concentrates however, a low temp dab will allow you to really taste your concentrates as well as smoothly inhale and exhale.

You can also smoke a twax joint or blunt to smoke concentrates as well.  Herbalists tend to roll their concentrates into a snake-like shape and wrap it around the tip of their joints/blunts.  You can also place concentrates inside your joint/blunt with your cannabis and smoke as usual.  Smoking twax joints/blunts are way more potent than those lacking concentrates because there is extra THC.

Dabbing is another fun habit to add to your smoking activities.  For those who have a higher smoking tolerance, they may find than dabbing gets them as high as they would like to faster than their regular smoking routine.  We warn you, though, dabbing is one for the veterans or high tolerance smokers.  If you're still building your tolerance, you may want to hold off on dabbing until you're more comfortable being high.  Otherwise, dabbing has the potential to put you to sleep!


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