The Higher Content™ 3rd Year Anniversary

It has been three amazing years for The Higher Content™.  We have had the pleasure of sharing various news, stories and content with our loyal herbalists who have been with us since day one and others who have joined us along our journey.  Our participation in the cannabis community has only made use realize that there are countless herbalists, patients and enthusiasts out there that share the same interest - cannabis. We will gladly continue to provide our service of uplifting the cannabis community.

Since 2014, The Higher Content™ Instagram account has shared cannabis related pictures but, we decided we wanted to be more than just a picture portfolio.  The birth of The Higher Content™ Blog has created an outlet for us to share more than pictures and generate more than likes.  THCBlog has been dedicated to sharing Herb News, Ganja & Fame stories and Herbal Product Reviews.  Our followers have enjoyed visiting our social media accounts and website to stay updated on the most current events in the cannabis community.

In the years that followed, our expansion has only continued.  We have taken our blog from the internet to the streets, providing media coverage for cannabis events to share our experiences with other herbalists and spread awareness about positive cannabis gatherings.  Our content creation has spun into allowing others to share their writing on THCBlog as well as becoming advertising and sponsorship providers.

Our third year in the industry will have the motto of "Back To The Basics."  The Higher Content™ will continue to be that eye catching Instagram feed that gained 10K followers in 10 months.  THCBlog will be the source for all of your herbalist needs.  And, The Higher Content™ will continue to thrive off of our media coverage and content creating services to further pursue our mission of being The Outlet To Uplift The Cannabis Community.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and for sticking with us through yet another year of positivity and success for our company and other herbalists/ganjapreneurs like us. 

Happy Anniversary The Higher Content™.