The Loud Challenge

It's the new "thing," there's videos of idiots all over the country doing it; the 'loud challenge.'  Of all the things that us as herbalists can do to set us back is to arrogantly smoke marijuana in public in a state where cannabis has yet to become legal.  If you don't know, the 'loud challenge' is similar to Internet trends such as the ice bucket challenge and the cinnamon challenge except it involves weed.  People have been challenging each other across the country to smoke weed in public places such as malls, corner stores and other places that obviously have no smoking policies.  

Upon seeing this, I was disgusted.  Not only does that show that people have a complete disregard for the law and authorities but they don't have respect for the businesses that they disturb when they smoke all throughout.  States where marijuana is legal do not allow smoking cigarettes inside stores, so why should anyone think marijuana is allowed and disrespect an establishment by getting high in it?  

Marijuana is still a stigma drug, with advocates and opposers debating the pros and cons of cannabis everyday whether it's legal or not.  With those against cannabis always looking for reasons that the drug should remain illegal, herbalists should not put themselves in a position to be viewed as an irresponsible smoker.  Many states are still on the fence about legalization and it's our job to show them that we are capable of being a responsible society if granted the permission to use cannabis.  

All in all, the 'loud challenge' is stupid and incriminating.   Hey, let's record ourselves breaking the law!   It's all fun and games until the store presses charges and yo're hit with fines for doing a challenge that will only win you a few laughs.  


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