Too Many Heads On A Blunt

How many people is too many to be smoking on one blunt?  Let's face it, one of marijuana's motto's has to be "sharing is caring," but if you have too many heads on a blunt, you may not get high.  Especially if your tolerance is extremely high, you need to smoke more to feel that good high.  There's been a few situations in which I passed up on smoking because there were already five people in the cyph.  Unless it's some FIRE bud, maybe some shit I never tried before, I don't see the point in taking one or two hits in a big ass cypher.

It's common that when people smoke weed, every person in the cyph throws down some money.  Other times, a friend or family member may gift some weed to you or light you up.  You always take a couple hits and pass - but if you pass to too many people, by the time you get the blunt back, it'll be a roach!  That's kind of frustrating when you feel like you didn't get your money's worth and you're not as high as you'd like to be.

An invitation into a cypher is always appreciated, but if there's too many heads I might pass it up or offer to match the blunt.  Adding another blunt to a big cyph is a great way to accommodate all of the people you're smoking with, as long as someone will throw down with you.

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