Vaping In Public

It is not uncommon for anyone to feel under the radar when using a vape pen in a public place.  Although vaporizer pens do not give off the thick, odorous smoke like a joint, they do leave a thin but noticeable vapor in the air with a distinct yet not disturbing scent.  In any setting where smoking is clearly not permitted, herbalists may not feel comfortable using their vape pens indoors, especially if they're the only ones doing so.

There's no other way to be certain whether the vicinity that you are in does or does not allow smoking than to ask!  You may be surprised at the response you receive when you ask if you are allowed to use a vaporizer or e-cig.  Some places may not mind their guests smoking as long as it is from a vape pen.  However, other places may not permit smoking at all to accommodate guests or customers who may be disturbed regardless if smoke or vapor is lingering in the air.

If you don't feel comfortable asking any of the hosts or employees, you may not want to use your vape pen at all just to play it safe.  Using your vape pen in a setting where it is not allowed may start a conversation about cannabis that may stir up some strong emotions that may not be received well by others.  You may want to avoid any controversy, commotion or just plain old drama by refraining from smoking until you're outside or in a private place.

Unfortunately, the cannabis community must still remain in the shadows with certain things.  While more and more people are learning to accept marijuana use, it is the herbalist's job to use responsibly and not arrogantly.  The appropriate way to get others to accept cannabis would not be to force it upon them, but to show and prove that we can be responsible and respectful weed smokers.


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