A new trend in the cannabis community is smoking from a vape pen.  Vaporizers have been on the market for some time now but have been quite pricey.  Vape pens are a new alternative way to smoke on the go in a healthy and discreet way.  A lot of herbalists have started using vape pens because they are a secret way to sesh when out and about.  Vapes can fit in your pocket and come with handheld travel kits and accessories, making it easy for you to transport your smoking device.

Personally, I like vape pens because they are so discreet.  They come in many different colors, designs and sizes to tend to the likes of each herbalist.  You can find pens for dry herb, concentrates or eliquids so that you get high the way you prefer.  And when smoking, you inhale vapors, not smoke.  The vapors feel lighter than inhaling smoke but still produce the same buzz.  Smoking from a vape pen does not give off the strong scent of burning marijuana.

You can find vape pens for anywhere from $50-$500.  We haven't tested products over $200 so we can't say that the more you pay, the better the product.  We've found some pretty dope pens that seem reasonably priced for the average herbalist.  Dixon Cox and Vibe Stix make awesome pens with attachments for dry herb and concentrates.  Herbalist who like to smoke flowers and concentrates would want a vape pen like one of these so that they can smoke whatever they'd like.  If you prefer concentrates, the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen is sleek, sexy and delivers a strong hit.  Santa Cruz Vapes offer a variety of colors for their pens to smoke your best concentrates in.  Vüber vape pens have a double coil which will heat up your concentrates to make them hit harder.

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