Weed And Parents

Smoking marijuana is always a revelation to your parents.  Some don't mind if their kids smoke weed and others don't agree with the habit AT ALL!  It's cool when you come across adults that accept that you smoke but it can also be an annoyance.  

Depending on how you smoke can be a factor in your parents agreeing with your weed smoking habit.  If you tend to be a lazy smoker - when you get high, you're non-productive - you're parents won't like when you're high because nothing else gets done.  There's nothing wrong with smoking and relaxing however, marijuana should never become a priority over everything else in your life.  If you can get high and be productive, what can they complain about?

If you never have money yet you always have weed, that may cause your parents to question your priorities also.  When you're digging in your parents pockets for money, whether it's for weed, gas or bills, if you're parents constantly see that you're high they're going to wonder why you need they're money.  Your parents will begin to question whether you're spending your money wisely or just wasting it on weed.  You should always be able to support your own habit.

Your parents may accept your smoking, but still nervous to have marijuana around.  In some states, marijuana is still illegal and while your parents may not mind that you get high, they still know that you can get in trouble for smoking or having it in your possession.  There are some adults that would rather you smoke at home than out on the street where you can be spotted by the cops.  Others feel that you shouldn't smoke anywhere near them or their household - they don't want to get in trouble for your smoking!

What are your parents like and how do you deal with them and you're smoking?

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