Weed 'Em Out! The Good, Evil & Idiots Of The Cannabis Community

If you've been smoking for a years (like us), you've most likely come across an extensive amount of herbalists, all with different personalities and habits. And even if you're fairly new to the game, we're sure you've met some good and bad herbalists yourself. As the cannabis community continues to grow, the amount of closet stoners and social smokers begin magically appearing while habitual herbalists become more outspoken about their passion. With the self profession of love for cannabis comes the revelation of many different ego's, mindsets and practices. 

Mr. Been There, Done That

We've all met at least one: that guy who considers himself a veteran and a know it all. There's nothing you can't teach this guy because he swears he's seen it all. He constantly finds opportunities to "teach" people about marijuana, whether it's the science, the art of rolling, the process of getting high - this guy knows all the answers. To an amateur, Mr. Been There Done That may be an ideal friend to sesh with because he claims to be very knowledgeable about something a newbie isn't too familiar with. But for someone who is pretty comfortable with their marijuana use, this guy can be a pest to cyph with. 

Scary Mary

You ever smoke with someone for the first (or first few) time(s)  and they become a complete schizo? Who wants to smoke with someone who's bound to become paranoid!? The feeling of being high becomes too much for your smoking partner to handle and they claim to hear/see things, feel the ground/chair moving from beneath them or just plain freak out. Now, it's for you to either find pure enjoyment in your friends psycho moment or control your high while trying to calm your friend down. Needless to say, you won't enjoy a smoke sesh with a Scary Mary. 

The Giggler

What the hell is so funny? Whenever you smoke with this particular friend, he/she always seems to get the giggles. Everything you say, hear, see or touch is absolutely hilarious to them, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It's kind of hard to be in a bad mood when you're around someone who's so happy. It's also hard to be in a bad mood when you're smoking, too. 

The Lecturer

He's the guy who finds inspiration in anything and has an explanation for everything. Somehow, every time you smoke with this guy, you wind up being taught something new, whether you want to or not. He's probably one of your more logical friends who you have a love/hate smoking with. Let's be honest, sometimes we're not in the mood to go to school over a blunt but other times you find that the two of you have a very intriguing conversation. It all depends on the day and the moment. 

The Fake Hitter

That friend that wants to be 'down.' For some reason, his guy thinks your smoking habit is the coolest thing in the world and he just wants to be cool like you - but he can't handle it. You catch him trying to take small hits on the low when no ones looking, and every time he never inhales. You don't even think he knows how to inhale... He might even be scared to actually get high... That's your friend though, the fake hitter. 

Rock Stoned

Choose wisely when you smoke with this one! If you have plans, things to do or just aren't in the mood to be stationary, smoking with someone who gets "rock stoned" puts a major halt on the day. She smokes, and afterwards wants to lounge around like a couch potato. Weed makes her body extremely relaxed and lazy, putting her out of commission until she comes down from

her high.  

Mr. Or Ms. Fidgety 

Theres nothing wrong with being a productive herbalist. You know this one won't be lazy after smoking with you! After ever sesh, Mr. or Ms. Fidgety must find something to occupy themselves. Whether it's cleaning, doing homework, going shopping... this herbalist is the exact opposite of the stereotype of marijuana smokers being lazy and unproductive. 

Looking For Praise

If he brings the meds to sesh, he wants recognition. If someone makes an accomplishment in the marijuana industry, he did it or had the idea first. This guy won't give it a break! The only other way to describe this herbalist is as a hater. He always needs accreditation for the things he does, knowledge he spreads, etc. He may be good company otherwise but damn, what does he think he is.. God?

Big Canna-Businessman

There's nothing worse than someone who claims to be passionate about cannabis, but really is all about the money. There's enough big businesses and corporations in this country, let's go back to the basics with marijuana and support small business owners. The market will soon be flooded with a massive amount of unintelligent rich assholes looking to capitalize off of the cannabis industry. Stay away from big business and support small!



Are we missing any types of herbalists? Comment below, let us know!