What Are You Doing 7/10?

The Dabbers Holiday, 7/10, is coming up on Sunday! On this day, those who dabble in dabs celebrate their appreciation to cannabis concentrates. Similarly to 4/20, July 10th is reserved for concentrate smokers to get dabbed the f*ck out!


Dabbers chose this day to celebrate because 7/10 spells OIL upside down, which is the for of cannabis that is smoked through rigs, vape pens or twax joints or blunts. Concentrates are far more potent than flowers, ridding the necessity to smoke in abundance. However, those who have a high tolerance will find themselves smoking many strains loaded with tasty terpenes, or "terps."

We hope that every herbalist has a chance to partake in the 7/10 holiday. Stay safe and hydrated while seshing with your friends and family and always medicate in a safe and comfortable environment. And keep in mind, this year 7/10 falls on a Sunday. So don't get too dabbed out to wake up for work on Monday!


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