What's The Difference?

Sure, every herbalist has heard of the terms sativa, indica and hybrid, but do you really know the difference?  Sativa and Indica strains come from two types of cannabis plants that can be blended together to create a hybrid strain.  Each of these strains have their own wide range of body and mind effects which result in various medicinal benefits.

A sativa strain will most likely give you an energetic, cerebral high.  Sativa's are known for inspiring creative thoughts and ideas while also fighting off depression.  They are best smoked during the day because they give you energy and are very uplifting.  A sativa cannabis plant will grow tall and thin, which makes it suitable to be grown outdoors.  Herbalists prefer to smoke sativa strains in the morning or during the day to keep them high and energetic.

An indica cannabis plant will grow short and bushy, so they're considered best grown indoors.  Unlike sativa's, indica strains are known to have sedating effects, making your entire body feel relaxed.  Indica strains are usually preferred to be smoked at night because they have the tendency to make you feel lazy and tired.  Those who suffer from insomnia and pain may want to smoke an indica strain to help with their symptoms.  An indica bud may be your strain of choice if you're suffering from a headache, stress, anxiety or even seizures.

A hybrid cannabis strain will provide the best of both worlds!  You may come across a sativa or indica dominant hybrid which will have the match the effects of their parents.  A sativa-dominant hybrid will give you the cerebral high of a sativa as well as the relaxing body high of the indica.  Headband is an example of a sativa dominant hybrid.

A hybrid can be even with sativa and indica genes.  A 50/50 or even hybrid, like Blue Dream, gives you the perfect balance of a body and cerebral high.  You will feel happy and relaxed after smoking an even hybrid/

Indica-dominant hybrids will fully relieve your body pain  and give you a relaxing head high.  These strains are usually recommended for nighttime use, hence its dominance.  Girl Scout Cookies and Blackberry Kush are popular indica-dominant hybrids that are perfect for relieving insomnia or depression.

Now that you know the differences between sativa's, indica's and hybrids, which do you prefer?

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