When You Can't Smoke

We've all been in situations where we couldn't smoke. Whether it's because we are around people who don't like it or traveling to a place where it's not so easy to get your hands on, not being able to smoke when it's apart of your daily routine is usually a major frustration for any herbalist. While it shouldn't heavily impact your day, it's not uncommon to feel the urge to smoke and even get a little upset about it. 

We always find that when you're not able to get medicated, its best to try and stay busy to keep your mind off of it. Sometimes, when we have a moment to sit down and relax, we think to ourselves that rolling up and smoking would be perfect at that point in time. If you're occupied, marijuana is not on your mind (if you're really busy), whereas if you're bored, all you'll want to do is smoke to occupy your time. 

If the problem is that you don't want to smell like weed or cannot travel with it, there are ways to go about it so that you're still medicated while away from home.  Edibles are a great way to experience a body high if taken properly.  It's discreet and as long as you get rid of the packaging, no one will know that you consumed marijuana.  Besides the fact that there is a vast variety of types of edibles, there are many different doses of THC in each.  That means you can get a little high or get fucking stoned off of an edible; it's up to you! 

Another way to get high without smelling like a cannabis plant: Concentrates!  Whether dabbing on a rig or using a vape pen, when concentrates are generally odorless. A vape pen is easier to carry and conceal as opposed to a rig.  Nowadays, people rely on their vape pens while traveling because they make it easier to stay medicated on the go.  

When an herbalist is told they can't smoke, it's almost instinctive for him/her to start thinking of ways they can get around that. With the constant growth of the cannabis industry, there are so many ways to medicate that it makes it hard for us herbalists to NOT be medicated.  With those two tips, we're sure you won't be disappointed that the people around you or place you're traveling to does not allow marijuana. Hell, most places don't!  But we still get medicated, right? 


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