While High

What are some of your favorite things to do while high?  Everyone has different hobbies, some may be more enjoyable while under the influence!  Here's a list of things to try when high:

•   Listen to music  

Some of the best songs sound 10x's better when you're high!  Create a playlist of your favorite songs and add all of the songs that are strictly ganja related!   All songs about marijuana are relatable when you're high yourself! 

•   Take an L Ride

Roll up a nice blunt or a fat spliff and ride out!   If you're comfortable behind the wheel when you're high (most herbalist drivers are more attentive) then take a scenic drive, explore a neighborhood, get lost somewhere in your surrounding area (bring your GPS!) - there's so much out there to see, why not see it high!?

•   Play video games

Nowadays, video games are so realistic you could forget your playing a game and think you're watching a movie!   The amazing graphics on a PS4 or XBOXOne would be heightened if you smoke a euphoric strain.  You may feel like you're really at war in Call Of Duty or fighting off zombies in Dead Rising! 

•   Try A New Restaurant

Who doesn't love to smoke a blunt and eat a good meal?  The number one activity after smoking would have to be eating - everyone gets the munchies!  So why not try something new?  You may fall in love with a new culture, discover your new favorite food or have an entertaining dining experience.  

•   Take A Hike

If you are near trails with beautiful views, go explore!  Nature is so Intruiging when you're under the influence.  Everything looks so much prettier.  You may gain a greater appreciation for nature around you because your senses are heightened.  

•   Write! 

Smoke the right strain and you just might be a little more creative than you usually are.  Grab a pen and paper and write some poetry, a song or just some thoughts that have been going through your mind.  Certain people can express themselves better when they're high.  Write it down so you don't forget! 

•   Relax, Take A Nap

Herbalists experience some of their best sleep after they get really high.  The fact that marijuana relaxes your body helps you ease into a deep sleep.  Get high, lay back and feel your eyelids get heavy as you drift off... 

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