Why You Should Medicate On Black Friday


Are you one of those people who stuff their face on Thanksgiving and then bundle up to wait on lines and fight off people trying to beat you to a sale?  Everyone loves a Black Friday sale but who wants to rush to the store, knowing it will be closed and wait in the freezing cold to save a few dollars? Ok, if that sounds ideal to you then you might have a few screws loose.  Lets hope that you stay medicated all through out.

There's a few reasons why we recommend staying medicated during your Black Friday shopping.  The main one being - because you can!  Medicating with a sativa strain after Thanksgiving dinner can give you second wind.  While most will feel drained and tired because of that turkey, you will find new energy to get those gifts that can't wait until Cyber Monday. Plus, when you're waiting out in the cold, and you find a nice spot to pop a squat, get comfortable and try and get warm, the last thing you need to do is fall asleep.  You'll be out there with all the weirdos like you that are tired and cranky and more than willing to take your spot on line if you're not paying attention.

With all of those people in one place, trying to zip and zoom through aisles, grabbing everything in sight even if they don't need it.  "It's on sale, just get it!"  No one cares about their fellow man, no one's thinking about the Christmas spirit, it's not the season of giving - it's every man for themselves, finders keepers, "I had it first!" season, and don't you forget it.  However, staying medicated will keep YOU calm and on your mission.  Remember, you didn't leave your warm house and your family after a nice meal to come out and get into a fight over a big screen TV or a toy for your kid.  You can't control others, but keep yourself calm.  Cannabis will help.

This Black Friday, abide by your states marijuana laws and regulations.  If you live in a still illegal state, always know the risk you're taking by traveling with cannabis and try to only keep a small, reasonable amount on your person.  Never smoke and drive, don't be flashy with your marijuana, don't shop alone just in case you get too high.  Stay safe.