YouTube Waging War On Cannabis Community


Social media has been the prime place for marketing and advertising. Whether at the hands of millennials or the older generation testing the waters, the internet is where people find what they want, what they need to know and how they get through their day to day. 

It started with Instagram deleting a massive amount of cannabis accounts, claiming the content posted by said accounts conflicts with their terms of services. Many cannabis community "celebrities" became ghosts on the the app, creating back up accounts while waging war on the social media platform for silencing their voices and erasing their portfolio of pictures. While Instagram is filled with models, in which the category "Instagram model" is now a thing, that show practically everything but their genitals (and sometimes that, too!), the Facebook derivative found more time in find and disabling accounts that use the app to generate income, spread awareness or keep a close connection with their following.

While the Instagram deleting spree has seemed to slow down, there are still people that are falling victim to having their account removed from the platform due to their showcasing of cannabis. Well now, it's YouTube's turn and they have poured salt into an already slow healing wound in our community.

Marijuana prohibition is much like alcohol was back in the day. The government seems to find every reason and way to keep something illegal that clearly a majority of the country refuses to accept. However, in our case, cannabis has medical benefits as well. And while many may be ignorant to the fact that using cannabis on social media can be a great way to show how cannabis use is not deadly, having YouTube as a space for vloggers to record their cannabis activity and share with others who can relate was a great outlet for our community.

It may be possible that having too many sources of positive effects of cannabis use may give the government more of a reason to legalize prematurely. (That is, before they figure out how to adequately tax it for their benefit) So removing popular cannabis channels like Coral Reefer would be beneficial for keeping cannabis illegal in the states where it remains so.

With the threat of cannabis accounts being deleted on YouTube now becoming a fear within the community, it won't be long until the community either demands change, or makes it for themselves. This is another obstacle in the fight for legalization that honestly, isn't shocking. In times like these, we need to stick together as a community and fight for our right to use social media just as other companies and individuals do.