Abra Ca Dabs 2016

If you live in California, you've probably heard about the annual 710 festival, Abra Ca Dabs.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Abra Ca Dabs invades Southern California every year for herbalists, especially but not limited to dabbers.  The event was held in Victorville, California however, it was rescheduled at the last minute as it was to be held at the NOS Center in San Bernardino at first.

Many herbalists and vendors decided not to attend the two day event after the last minute location change.  Abra Ca Dabs failed to inform many people of the last minute change, causing many to arrive at the NOS Center on the first day, only to find that Abra Ca Dabs was no longer being held there.  Californians were saying that the location change was pretty distant and could be the reason why many people sold their tickets or did not show.  Vendors were even selling booth space due to the location change and the Easter holiday on Sunday.  A lot of booths were occupied on Saturday but not on Sunday.

A handful of reputable collectives and companies set up shop within the two buildings at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds.  Smoking was allowed for Prop 215 Compliant patients inside of the buildings but not outside.  Proper signage was not placed outside to inform patients to not smoke, causing many herbalists to be approached by officers and security within the non-smoking areas.  A strong police and security presence remained inside of the buildings as well.

The stage stood at the end of the food court outside of the buildings.  While performers on stage were allowed to light up, herbalists in the crowd were prohibited from doing so.  Upcoming artists took to the stage to perform their singles as well as known artists like Dilated Peoples who rocked the crowd.  

While event-goers may have enjoyed themselves at the annual 710 event, the Pot Brothers At Law advised us that the event is not being operated properly.  Abra Ca Dabs should be ensuring that all collectives require patients to sign a patient-member agreement when purchasing from their booths.  Since they did not, all transactions can be considered illegal drug dealing and if seen by authorities, both the collective and patient can be arrested.