Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood


California is known for having the best cannabis in the country. Herbalists with medical marijuana cards are able to enjoy the top shelf flowers, concentrates, topicals and edibles that the golden state has to offer.  Alternative Herbal Health Services is the place in West Hollywood where MMJ patients should get their meds.

A first time patient may pass by Alternative Herbal Health Services West Hollywood (AHHSWEHO) if they don't keep an eye out. There are no flashing lights, marijuana leaves or "Get Weed Here!" signage - AHHSWEHO discretely sits on Santa Monica Blvd., blending in with other storefronts. The front door buzzes you into the waiting area, where pictures hang of cannabis consultant, Dr. Dina, and President of AHHSWEHO, Jason Beck, with patients and celebrities like Snoop Dogg.  A security guard will greet visitors through a small window and require them to provide their MMJ card before entry into the dispensary. 

Once approved by security, you will be buzzed in and be able to browse through AHHSWEHO's selection of cannabis. The dispensary offers a wide variety of smokeable and non-smokeable forms of medicine as well as a small selection of glass and apparel. The bud tender stands behind the counter, offering assistance in selecting the perfect strain or product for your medical needs. Once you've made a choice, the bud tender will write a ticket of your order and send it to the back window, where another employee will gather your meds and accept payment.  

AHHSWEHO sells top shelf, quality meds. Prices vary depending on strains and products but one thing's for sure - you won't find any mids in here!  Shopping at AHHSWEHO, you're guaranteed to go home with product(s) that are worth every penny of the money you spent. Not only are the selection of meds always on point, the environment of AHHSWEHO is very welcoming and friendly.  The compassion is clearly present, from the employees to the prices.  


Dr. Dina and Jason were gracious enough to show us around the entire dispensary. The employee break room sits behind a secret wall of the dispensary right in between a lighted room for cannabis plants and the back of the shop. To the right of the break room is where the patient orders are gathered and delivered. AHHSWEHO also has a beautiful grow room, filled with cannabis plants that are given love and attention daily. 

First time medical patients and herbalists looking for a new dispensary to visit should definitely check out AHHSWEHO.  The team at Alternative Herbal Health Services is open Monday - Saturday from 10AM-8PM and Sunday's from 12PM-7PM.  Stop by and pick up your MMJ today!