Boston Freedom Rally 2015

The Higher Content returned to Boston for this year's Freedom Rally/Hempfest.  We had the honor of hanging out with our New Jersey Dabbers United family at the BudSuds booth while helping vend, networking and enjoying the festivities.  Once again, Massachusetts welcomed herbalists from all over the (b)east coast to the Boston Common where hundreds of vendors set up to sell various herbalist apparel and accessories.

At the Freedom Rally, we had the honor of meeting some of the companies we have previously done product reviews for.  It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with the owners of the Pot Pocket, the most convenient wooden joint holder that fits securely in your pocket.  As usual, it was a delight to see Piffery Threads and Dub Caesar and great to see both companies vending at the event again.  We met the pleasant @coralreefer and admired some of her beautiful glass reefer fish pendants and dabbed some top shelf meds with @eastcoastdabbin.  @Beastcoastbacon stopped by the BudSuds booth with some tasty medicated bacon strips.

The Boston Common was filled with herbalists during the last weekend of September.  HighTimes, NORML and MassRoots set up booths not far from the stage where underground music artists performed their songs.  Keith Stroup and Danny Danko were among other well known names that attended this years Boston Freedom Rally hosted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition.

It was a pleasure to celebrate our one year anniversary with our NJDU family in Boston, where we originally met our crew.  We hope to continue this tradition of meeting in Massachusetts for the Boston Freedom Rally for many years to come.

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