Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

The Higher Content can officially say that we have attended our first impressive cannabis event in NYC. The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo set up in the Jacob Javits Center from June 15-17, where exhibitors set up booths to showcase their products and services and speakers discussed some prominent issues and events in the cannabis industry. 


For three days, New York herbalists were able to visit the expo, but not for a small fee.  Tickets were quite expensive, but may be considered worth it for entrepreneurs and cannabis connoisseurs.  Event goers consisted of business professionals and educated cannabis individuals who were able to get a sneak peak of some up and coming products as well as sit in on some very informative seminars hosted by reputable business owners.  

The CWCBE was a great way to advocate for responsible medical cannabis use, proper legalities, and the innovation of the industry.  Many booths were set up to showcase products that aid the consumption of cannabis as far as dosing and health aspects.  Other booths offered education programs, media services, and more.


Seminars were held in private rooms where speakers discussed many topics from working in the industry, to legalities, to how to start your own business.  Each seminar was held for 40 minutes, which is an appropriate amount of time to sit through a lecture (at least we think so).  Between seminars, guests were able to walk around the venue for 10-20 minutes before the next seminar began. Unfortunately, we were presented a problem when we wanted to sit in on multiple seminars during the same time slots.

Some reputable companies set up shop at the CWCBE.  Jeff the 420 Chef had a representative there to promote his upcoming cookbook.  Dope Magazine and Cannabis Now had booths as well as Oaksterdam University, a well known cannabis college.  Charlotte's Web was represented at the expo as well.


The CWCBE was a great event that promoted cannabis use in a positive way.  This event should be an example to all other event hosts on how to set up a responsible and legal cannabis event.  Marijuana consumption was not allowed, however, for this event it was seemingly Ok.  Business professionals were able to speak to event goers in a room not filled with clouds of smoke, clouding the minds of those for came. Sure, we would have loved to have been able to medicate but it wasn't a deal breaker.  The CWCBE did an excellent job of abiding by the NYS cannabis laws, which may be good for the state in the long run.