Extravaganja 2016

The annual cannabis festival, Extravaganja, took place this year in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Herbalists from all over the northeast traveled to the Three County Fairgrounds to celebrate cannabis, smoke freely and shop from some unique vendors.  Massachusetts is one of the 23 states that has legalized the medicinal use of cannabis.  However, Extravaganja only welcomed vendors selling glass and marijuana related products.  No flowers, concentrates or edibles were allowed to be sold.

The venue was a great space for herbalists to walk from booth to booth or sit on the lawn and watch live performances.  Event goers flooded into the event for hours and didn't clear out until at least an hour after the event was over.  The parking lot filled up fast but was easily navigated and well organized.  Inside the gates, cute signs were hung to persuade people to discard of their joints butts and garbage in the proper receptacles.  Reminders were hung about driving while stoned, which gave us the feel that the hosts were concerned with keeping a good reputation for herbalists - that we are clean and responsible people using medicine.

Since collectives were not allowed, much of the booth space was filled with non-marijuana related booths.  Artists, hula hoopers, and clothing lines set up booths in between the booths selling glass and cannabis related products such as BudSuds.  The restriction of cannabis sales drew much attention to the booths that were actually cannabis related.  BudSuds and Kayla James Glass had much success at Extravaganja this year, being that they were two of few booths geared towards cannabis related products.  Cannabis education schools set up booths to sign up students and educate herbalists.

Don't get us wrong!  Even though cannabis wasn't being sold doesn't mean that it wasn't being smoked!  Herbalists brought their best meds to share with their friends - new and old.  Some heady rigs were set up on the lawn with herbalists taking dabs left and right, filling the sky with a hazey smoke.  Live music was played from the stage in the center of all of the booths, giving every visitor a perfect view of the performances.

The event was shorter than most.  From noon until 6pm, herbalists were welcome to shop and smoke.  Traffic in Northampton was more congested than usual, with majority of visitors leaving during or around rush hour on a Saturday.  Police were present, but no marijuana related arrests were made.  Security made sure all visitors were safe and responsible and overall, Extravaganja was a success yet again.