Extravaganja 2017

The University of Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition successfully hosted their 26th annual Extravaganja festival.  The celebration, held just one week after 4/20, took place at the Three County Fairgrounds and if you were in the northeast and missed this event, you definitely slacked!

Not only does Extravaganja differ from other events by allowing guests to enter the festival for free, the vibes are completely different from any other cannabis event you will ever go to.  The excitement of the event goers began as soon as they walked in the entrance; seeing clouds of smoke rising from various sections of the fairgrounds, tents that advertised some of their favorite cannabis brands and products, and good music being blasted wherever your medicated self traveled.  So many different walks of life were seen parading down the roads with vendors lined up on each side.  For the first time this year, Extravaganja limited event goers to 18 and older and you could find the youngest allowed as well as people of the older generation smoking, learning about and purchasing cannabis related products.

As Massachusetts welcomes their recreational laws this year, Extravaganja saw a huge spike in number of attendees.  With previous years seeing at least 8,000 attendees, the recreational laws enticed more herbalists to enjoy their cannabis consumption at the annual festival.  Contrary to what many may have thought, there was absolutely no sales of cannabis, concentrates or edibles at the Extravaganja celebration.  Smoking was definitely welcomed however, not distributed by vendors.

Hundreds of herbalists gathered on the lawn in front of the stage to enjoy music from bands like Yookeroo and Dead Collective.  Informational speeches were given by Dustin McDonald of WeedMaps, Richard Evans and Ellen Brown just to name a few. 

Extravaganja event goers enjoyed sharing their cannabis while visiting the many different vendor booths.  Some booths, like BudSuds, always had a crowd around them.  Fat Joint Lifestyle wowed the event guests with their unbelievably fat joint (for display only).  Our friends over at PotPocket set up shop as well as CannaCare Docs, Kayla James Glass, MassCann NORML and yours truly, The Higher Content™!

If you were living under a rock or just weren't able to make it to the 2017 Extravaganja festival, you sure did miss out.  But no worries, the festival will be back in Massachusetts next year! For those in the New England area, don't be afraid of a little road trip.  Extravaganja is the perfect event for herbalists like yourself to meet and connect with other herbalists from the East Coast.  Don't let another year go by that you don't add Extravaganja to your list of things to do in celebration of 4/20.