High NY

New York is in the process of becoming one of the trendsetting states that have legalized cannabis. The state has taken a strict, yet safe approach on allowing cannabis as medicine. While only those suffering from critical illnesses are able to benefit from the healing powers of cannabis, the Big Apple has the potential to become a leader in the cannabis industry. 

High NY is an organization that is absolutely necessary for the Empire State. The non-profit gathers cannabis users and ganjapreneurs every month for some of the most informative seminars a New Yorker can easily attend. With different topics ranging from business to personal, every speaker and attendee finds pleasure in learning more about their favorite plant. Guests are welcomed to further their cannabis education and expand their network of business associates. 

These events are far from anything like a trade show or sesh, where event goers are mainly focused on purchasing products and medicating. High NY gathers to inform and introduce ganjaprenuers and herbalists in a business casual environment. There is consistent professionalism, intriguing conversation and comfortability at each High NY event. 

The Higher Content had the pleasure of attending the May 2016 gathering of High NY at the Impact Hub in Tribeca, NYC. We were pleased to gather with other ganjaprenuers in a cozy event space in our hometown. The greeters at the door were pleasant and relatable, as they were cannabis users themselves. High NY offered apparel for sale and also allowed [BOOTH NAME] to showcase their Hemp CBD products. Light food an refreshments were served to attendees prior to the beginning of the seminar. 

We had front row seats during the seminar and enjoyed listening to two segments. The nutritional segment by [SPEAKER NAME] about cannabis, food and health was a delight to hear and learn more about.  [SPEAKER NAME] presented a very informative segment about trademarks and their importance. While last month was mainly focused on business, CEO of High NY, Michael [LAST NAME], promises to include discussions about other cannabis topics in the future. Each segment included a question and answer segment, that sometimes got a little off track but that's only because there were so many passionate cannabis lovers in the room. 

 Jonathan Purow, 

Jonathan Purow, 

We cannot express to you how imperative events like High NY are, especially in New York. With cannabis legalization sweeping the country, many businesses see the potential to make big bucks by putting together cannabis events. Most of these events, however, are illegal drug operations, allowing marijuana purchases but not enforcing MMJ laws. We are proud to say that we have finally  attended a cannabis event in New York that we are happy to advocate for.

You won't find yourself getting extremely baked at one of these events, but it's gatherings like High NY that will spread knowledge that will eventually lead to a more accepted point of view when it comes to cannabis use. If you're not the type to enjoy sitting through speeches (trust us, we're not either), don't be so quick to overlook this event! True cannabis lovers will find that they enjoy learning, meeting and relating to other cannabis users who have the courage to educate others against the negative stereotypes. 

The Higher Content can honestly say that we truly enjoyed ourselves at High NY. From the connections made to the things we've learned, we've found that High NY is   the most beneficial cannabis gathering in New York - so much so that we were one of the last to leave! If you are in the New York area, check out the High NY event schedule and make sure you check it out. You won't regret it!