HighTimes Cannabis Cup Denver 2015


The Higher Content was fortunate enough to make it out to Denver, Colorado this year for the HighTimes Cannabis Cup.  As first-timers at the event, we must say it was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many herbalists from all over the country who came to Colorado to experience the freedom of cannabis and enjoy it with others.  It was refreshing to see that there are thousands of others just like us who enjoy cannabis or who have found that cannabis is a life saving medicine.

HighTimes did an amazing job gathering cannabis companies to showcase their products and services to herbalist consumers.  The immense amount of vendors who set up booths at the Denver Mart on 4/20 weekend came stocked with products, food and the personalities to match their brands.  Visitors to the Cup were able to travel from booth to booth, visiting brands that they recognized and familiarize themselves with companies that they have not been exposed to before.  Each stand was operated by personable and knowledgable employees and reps for organizations that service the cannabis community.  Every herbalist was in a comfortable environment where they could express their needs, likes and desires without being judged or misunderstood.  


The Cannabis Cup also featured many seminars to educate herbalists about various subjects pertaining to cannabis.  Throughout the three day trade show, seminars about concentrates, edibles, cannabis strains and more were held in the expo building.  These seminars were said to be very informative and valuable, as they were led by some prominent people in the industry like Keith Stroup of NORML and Charlo Greene of the Alaska Cannabis Club.  The event coordinators at HighTimes did an excellent job including education in their fun-filled weekend event.  Aside from the seminars, HighTimes hosted The Cannabis Cup Award Ceremony which honored the best strains on indica's, sativa's, hybrids, concentrates, edibles and more!  The Higher Content particularly took a liking to the Cindy White strain, which won 1st place for People's Choice Flowers bred by The Green Solution, which won 3rd place as the Best Booth.


As a contributor to the cannabis community, the HighTimes Cannabis Cup is the perfect place to network and get involved.  So many herbalists travel to the cities that the Cannabis Cup visits to be surrounded by all things cannabis.  The Higher Content had an amazing experience as we were allowed to introduce ourselves to new companies and personally meet many of our honored herbalists.  We had the pleasure of hanging out behind the Crown OG booth with our past Honored Herbalists @tonygreenhands and @drdina420.  We also had the pleasure of meeting @shesmokesjoints, @saraiknowledge, @stoner_dottie, @dope_as_yola, @weshouldsmoke, @twaxfiend, @ott_710 and many other herbalists who stopped by the booth when we were there.

It's amazing to see that so many herbalists from all over the country travel to one place for one event.  The HighTimes Cannabis Cup inspired many after party events and gatherings to keep the festivities going after Cup hours.  We were even fortunate enough to see some family from the east coast out in the midwest.  @super_smacked_brothers420 and @super_smacked_rasta chilled at the HG Outfitters after party and our @njdabbersunited fam stayed in nearby hotels to visit the Cannabis Cup as well.  We also had the pleasure of visiting the 710 Private Art Collective (@710pac) and met many herbalists from the westside.


Denver is unlike any other city.  You get the best of both worlds being able to see a city skyline (significantly smaller than NYC but sufficient) AND the panoramic Rocky Mountains.  To be able to open your hotel room blinds and see the snow covered mountains as you prepare to head over to the Cannabis Cup is indescribable.  The mountains are so picturesque that only your eyes can take the best pictures.  Anywhere travelled in Denver, the Rockies are visible, making for a pleasant trip to the convention center.  Traffic and parking was crazy as expected, but the beautiful views, buds, concentrates and edibles made it all worth it.

The Higher Content would like to thank Danny Danko (@dannydanko), Senior Cultivation Editor at HighTimes, for allowing us to visit the Cannabis Cup with guest list passes.  Mr. Danko is extremely passionate about marijuana and as a fellow New Yorker, we immediately bonded with his opinions and desires for cannabis to become more socially acceptable.  We would also like to thank Crown OG for allowing us to hang out behind your booth with your top shelf buds!  To @shesmokesjoints, @tonygreenhands, and @twaxfiend: your hospitality is greatly appreciated and we enjoyed meeting, chatting and smoking with you.  And @dope_as_yola, @stoner_dottie and @saraiknowledge: the three of you have been so kind, generous and welcoming.  We enjoyed your company and appreciate your hospitality as well.

If you ever get the chance, visit the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in one of the many cities they visit every year!  Next up, Northern California!  Tickets available soon!