HighTimes Cannabis Cup: Michigan

The HighTimes Cannabis Cup touched down in Clio, Michigan this past weekend with some heavy hitters in the marijuana industry vending their top shelf meds, glass, apparel and more.  The infamous event was successfully held at the Auto City Speedway and was packed with thousands of herbalists looking for their favorite collectives and companies.


As always, the Cannabis Cup was filled with hundreds of booths with an immense amount of items for sale.  Anything from cannabis to growing materials could be found at the event.  Each booth was tended to by friendly herbalists who were more than happy to provide samples, information or just good conversation any time their booth was approached.  Throughout the weekend, many giveaways were held at different booths where Cup-goers could grab a little something to go home with.  

Some well known names and faces attended the Michigan Cannabis Cup.  Dr. Dina set up her booth with Alternative Herbal Health Services West Hollywood (AHHSWEHO), with guest attendees @letfreedomgrow, @cannabischeri and @gettinghighwith.  Medicated Hot Wings had their booth set up and kept guests satisfied with @datniggagrows wings and lemonade.  @Smokersonlyclothing had some fire apparel at their booth along with some friendly vendors.  And of course, there were MANY collectives, growers and extractors there to sell their meds.

The Higher Content had the honor of attending our second Cannabis Cup with our friends, BudSuds and our New Jersey Dabbers United (NJDU) family.  Throughout the weekend, you could find us at the BudSuds booth, selling soaps, bath melts, and lotions along with Kief Krispy edibles and free dabs of Purple Chem shatter.  Their medicated Purple Chem bar of soap is a collaboration between @budsuds and @ri_finest420 and was nominated as the Second Place Best Topical for the Michigan Cannabis Cup 2015.  @Kiefkrispy was crowned First Place winner for Best Edible. 

The Michigan HighTimes Cannabis Cup was a great weekend for those who vended although it did get rained out on Sunday evening.  Regardless, HighTimes has held another successful event in another city.  Thank you to BudSuds for allowing us to to attend with you!