Uncle Lou's Paint & Toke

We're sure you've heard of a Paint & Sip - a gathering where an artist will instruct you on how to paint a picture while sipping on wine, beer or champagne. It's about time that artistic herbalists have an event where they can indulge in their drug of choice while letting their creative juices flow. Uncle Lou of Dabbindad.com hosts of an already trendsetting event in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The Paint & Toke event was beautifully coordinated to gather a diverse group of herbalists with likeminded interests in creating masterpieces while under the influence in a safe environment. 

Uncle Lou and his wife became event hosts because of the genuine satisfaction of being hosts and enjoying cannabis recreationally with their guests. After attending countless events where alcohol was the center of entertainment, the herbalist couple decided to become canna-party hosts. Beginning by hosting small gatherings with friends, Uncle Lou was soon becoming invited to host events outside of their home. 

Fast forward to 2017, Uncle Lou has hosted numerous dinner parties, BBQ's and Paint & Toke events which have all been a hit amongst their event goers. As first time guests and media providers at an Uncle Lou event, we were extremely impressed by the March Paint & Toke. 

 Medicated Chocolate Fountain, 500mg

Medicated Chocolate Fountain, 500mg

Guests arrived in the early evening to a beautiful home in Massachusetts, welcomed by Uncle Lou himself and his lovely wife, Jessica. The herbalist couple welcomed each guest with their own personal joint to enjoy upon their arrival. Jessica kept an eye out for those who were empty handed and quickly supplied them with a joint throughout the three hour event. All who attended came in pleasant spirits, mingling with others, smoking and dabbing. 

Event goers were treated with cannabis infused edibles that lasted the entire duration of the Paint & Toke. Guests enjoyed marshmallows, strawberries and pineapples dipped in a cannabis infused chocolate fountain, cannabis infused teddy grahams and cookies and even a cannabis infused creme brûlée with strawberries and mangos. There were also non-medicated foods such as tasty meatballs as well. 

 Braided Joint by @unclelou_dabbindad

Braided Joint by @unclelou_dabbindad

What's a Paint & Toke without the 'toke?' Uncle Lou was not slacking on the meds. Joints were filled Headband with grown by Dockside out of Massachusetts. Uncle Lou also blessed the event with two cross joints, a braided joint and two cannagars (cannabis cigars). Needless to say, there was plenty of smoke to go around.  

And then, the painting began. After the guests felt medicated and those creative juices started flowing, art instructor, Melissa Dalton-Dejesus initiated her class. Nearly 35 painters stood in front of their easels as they followed the instructions of Melissa to create a landscape sunset picture from scratch. Joints and cannagars still in rotation, gradually everyone's canvas' began to resemble one another's with their own twist. 

What a beautiful thing it is: to gather in a gorgeous home to smoke top shelf flowers and create unique artwork. Uncle Lou's Paint & Toke event defies the common stereotype of stoner's being lazy and unproductive while proving that herbalists can also be mature and responsible users. People of all different backgrounds gathered to enjoy Uncle Lou's event and not one problem arose. Guests arrived and departed on time, leaving with a variety of gifts like glass pendants and carb caps, hemp blunt wraps, joints and even cones. And most importantly, everyone left medicated and with their own artwork. The Paint & Toke was hosted legally; no products were sold, only exchanged or shared. 

Whether for a date night, girls night out or just trying new things, Uncle Lou's Paint & Toke is the (original) event for herbalists in the New England are to check out. Keep up with Uncle Lou and all of the events he and his wife plan on hosting in the future on his Facebook account and website