Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

If you know anything about any strains of marijuana, you are probably already fairly well acquainted with Northern Lights. It is so well-known in the marijuana community that it is almost legend by now -- luckily, it still exists and is relatively easy to find. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this famous marijuana strain.

The Basic Details

Northern Lights is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is a combination of Northern Lights #5 and Northern Lights #2, creating the perfect version of Northern Lights. Its related strains include Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, and Shiva Skunk. It is unclear where or how exactly this strain was born, but most agree that it was created in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, staying fairly under the radar until it reached the Netherlands. There, the two plants with the best strains (Northern Lights #5 and Northern Lights #2) were crossbred to create the final product.

Northern Lights gets its excellent taste and aroma from Northern Lights #2, as well as its strength of the high. Northern Lights #2 also helps the plant be easy to grow, as it is mold resistant and pest resistant, and is just hardier in general. Northern Lights #5 contributed the high potency of the buds, but also lowers the amount of time required for flowering.

Identifying Northern Lights

The Northern Lights strain is simply a good looking plant. It has light, fresh green colors as well as golden pistils, with its buds being compact and covered in silver trichomes. The leaves are clearly indica in origin, given the fact that they are thick and close together, they don’t lead to an increased risk of bud rot (as do many plants with these tight, thick leaves do). For that reason, Northern Lights can be grown in humid conditions just as well as other strains, which is rare for an indica.

You can identify Northern Lights with your nose as well, given its mild skunky smell combined with fresh, planty smells. A citrus pine aroma comes from the flowers, along with some eucalyptus noticed by those with a sensitive nose. The aroma becomes starker when the flowers are ground, giving people the image of orange peels and pine needles.

Smoking Northern Lights

When you inhale a Northern Lights product, you will get that light, sweet, citrus flavor. When you exhale, however, it will be all about the pine and the musk. You can expect a Northern Lights plant to taste the way it smells. It is extremely smooth to smoke, classified as “buttery” by many, although sometimes it leads to a big feeling of expansion that causes people to fall into fits of coughing. Vaporizing is one way to prevent that from happening.

When you smoke marijuana, you can expect a strong cerebral effect, as is characteristic of an indica. Then comes the general feeling of euphoria, well-being, and happiness, making it an extremely enjoyable choice of strain for many recreational (or medical) smokers.


All in all, Northern Lights shows us what can be accomplished when the old traditions of marijuana cultivation meet the modern trends of crossbreeding and growing. Marijuana plants don’t always taste as good as they look, but in the case of Northern Lights, what you see is what you get. You will love the flavor and aroma, as well as the smooth, strong smoke.

It’s important to see Northern Lights as more of an indica than anything else, as it is so indica dominant that the fact that it is a hybrid is almost irrelevant. Generally speaking, Northern Lights is best smoked at night, as it lowers functionality to a certain degree (as a typical indica will do). Newbies should not smoke large amounts of Northern Lights.

You can expect a high from Northern Lights to last for at least a couple of hours. It is useful in treating stress, anxiety, IBS, nervousness, depression, chronic pain, nausea, back pain, arthritis, and other body pains or ailments. Many also use it effectively for insomnia.

Unfortunately, the original Northern Lights is becoming harder to find these days. Most dispensaries only sell hybrids that are related to Northern Lights (even if they label it as such). Make sure the people you talk to are trustworthy and be sure to look up reviews and information online before purchasing anything. It’s worth the extra effort to get a real Northern Lights product!


Robert Bergman, founder of

Robert has been growing cannabis passionately for over 20 years and shares these insights to educate growers avoid mistakes and to fully capitalize on a bud's potential.