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I had a really great time, it was fun getting to explain how I got started with Mary and Main and my belief within the cannabis industry. I’m so excited that I got to share through this platform and be apart of history!


I had an amazing time with The Higher Content™. Super excited to meet you guys and I think what you're doing for the east coast is a great representation.  I really think it's great.


It was refreshing to see such in depth questions.  Not a lot of blogs/magazines really know what's going on with the person they are interviewing.  Loved the research that was put into this interview.

-       Lil Debbie, Hip Hop Artist & Ganjapreneur


Thanks sooo much for the post on the site!!!  You guys are the shit

-       Don, Mobile Heads NYC


Appreciate the article, very nicely written.  It feels good to help the community.  Thanks for having our back.


I really feel grateful that you've included me, that you're here to just listen and be a source to the real movement and the opportunity that this plant has each and every day. So thank you so much for being a catalyst for that, an open vessel for that.  Thank you so much 'cause it's not easy on the east coast!

-       Mama Sailene, Ganjapreneur


The interview was great!  You guys were so easy to talk to and the questions were so interesting.  I just felt really comfortable.  It was a great experience, I would recommend it to anyone.


I felt really comfortable talking to you all, being that you are African American, I felt we could relate on so many different levels.  I really, really, really appreciate you all reaching out and sharing my story.  I recommend anybody to do an interview with you all or go to to you all's website and stay in tune with the cannabis industry.

-       Treyous Jarrells, RealLyfas


I love it! Thanks so much for the feature!  You guys are awesome!


What I enjoyed most about my interview with The Higher Content was the fact that they were able to dive beyond the surface.  Usually, I'm only ever asked about "Fuck it, I quit," and that's it.  But it was clear that everyone had done their homework and were looking to find real answers that can help real people address their problems.  So shout out to The Higher Content!


I think this was fun.  Very awesome article!  Love it!

-        Jeff The 420 Chef


Promoting with The Higher Content was a wonderful experience.  With great communication, easy process, well written content and great results.


The couple behind The Higher Content are great people, even better friends and are always down to help soapport BudSuds!  Hard work + Creativity = Higher Content

-       Amanda, BudSuds


Y'all are awesome!  Thanks for all your support and help.  We will continue to tell people's about your page and how cool y'all are.


You guys are awesome!  I think you're very professional and you guys know what you're doing.


I love that you guys are a couple, that's so cool!  It's very rare that there are those in this industry.  And the ones that do, have the best ideas.  So congratulations on that.  I appreciate you guys, keep the people inspired!


I wanted to take a moment out to sincerely thank you for the amazing blog post you did for us.  The pictures are fantastic and it is both well written and informative. 


We can't describe to you how much we appreciate your support for our product.  You're way cool in our book!


Your blog about my company was dope!! In all honesty you guys even asking to write about me was the dopest part!! Your page is kick ass and you do a good job putting together the info you got into a nice little story!! Thanks again for doing a story about Dab_Stache!

-       Dab_stache



I must say I liked your questions a lot more than.. y'know, a lot of people who interview me, ask me the same questions.  I always tell my husband he should do these with me.  Someone finally asked how he felt :)


It was a fantastic experience.  You were fast and loose.  The improvisation was there.. well maybe for me and my brother.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, really great questions.  And you put up with us.


I wanna thank The Higher Content for giving me this title as Honored Herbalist and I want to thank you for coming out to Michigan & supporting BudSuds, RI_Finest and Kief Krispy.  It means a lot to all of us that you were by our sides.  Thank you. 


I loved blogging with The Higher Content. It gave my company an outlet to be noticed by 420 friendly people. I loved that The Higher Content was very professional and sent me updates on when my blog post would go up on the site. I got positive feedback from my friends from their posting, so thank you to The Higher Content! 


Honestly, I am usually the one doing the interviewing.  It's refreshing because this was the first time anyone has ever taken the time to interview me off camera, so its my first formal interview with a blog ever. You did a very good job coming up with these interview questions, coming from a journalist point of view. I have been seeing you guys represent in such a professional way. I am more than honored to be your Honored Herbalist of the month this holiday season! Thank you for all that you do, we are blessed to have you.


Working along side the fine folks at The Higher Content, has been nothing but a pleasure since the inception of our working relationship. Not only were they extremely responsive to any questions or qualms that arose, these folks are clearly PASSIONATE about what they do. Certainly living their brand. It was a pleasure to meet you guys on Instagram and I am very pleased that we were able to build a partnership in doing so! Anyone who wants legit feedback and great exposure should look no further :) 


Thank you both so much.  I appreciate what you do.  The cannabis community is most fortunate to have you on the team.  Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the support and we appreciate the article you wrote and the kind things you had to say. Best of wishes to your blog and we will continue to support you through our brand as well.


I had a great time.  You guys had some good questions. You must've thought a lot about him, I really appreciate it.  Thank you


Thank you very much for asking me about what I do. I appreciate your questions and your interest in talking to me :)  You guys are seriously awesome and I hope we can sesh again soon!


Awesome article, and even better and professional people to work with. Overall, a complete pleasure, and interesting articles and topics!

-     iRollie



Great review! You really captured a lot of key points, were very honest, and all and all wrote a great review. It was awesome working with you and we look forward to hopefully having the opportunity again!


Thank you for the article.  It was really awesome and well written. We truly thank you for your kind words, appreciation and support.  Anything we can do for you please let us know.


Great work on the review.  Thanks for the kind words.  Hope you enjoy the grinder.


Thanks so much for the review!  Glad it worked so well for you guys. :)

-       Paul Lyons, Lyons Cases