THCBlog How To: Storing Your Cannabis

Most of us have been smoking for quite some time at this point. And many of us may not have a particular "habit" when it comes to storing our cannabis. If you got your flowers from a dealer, it was most likely given to you in a plastic bag of some sort - and you most likely kept it in there until you were ready to smoke. If you purchased your cannabis from a dispensary, you most likely have some sort of child proof plastic container - and you probably kept it in there until you were ready to smoke, too.

Did you know that where you keep your cannabis as well as the temperature and humidity play a huge part in keeping your cannabis in quality condition? A number of factors can affect the quality of flowers and many of them pertain to how it is stored after being picked from the actual plant.

We did a little research and wanted to share with you some good tips and tricks on how to store your cannabis so you can get the biggest bang for your buck!





Considering the temperature of the place you will be storing your cannabis is very important. It is recommended to keep your cannabis in a cool, dark place to avoid the risk of mildew and other types of mold growing on your flowers. Excessive heat can dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes on your flowers and when these oils become dry, you won't have such a smooth smoke. Mildew and other molds tend to flourish in temperatures of 77° to 88°F.

It is key to control the humidity in the area where you will be storing your cannabis. According to Leafly, "Keeping your cannabis stored in a controlled environment with the proper relative humidity (RH) ranges can be a bit of a balancing act, but the general consensus is to keep cannabis between 59% and 63% RH when stored to maintain and enhance color, consistency, aroma, and flavor." A low RH will reduce your risk of mold growing however, a low RH can cause the trichomes to become brittle and dry out essential oils.



A study conducted at the University of London in the 1970s concluded that light was the single biggest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. Harmful UV rays have the same effect on cannabis as they do on other things such as your lawn. Keeping cannabis stored in a concentrated lighted area will produce heat/humidity which can damage your flowers. When stored in light, the essential oils on the flower begin to break down slowly over time.


Air Control

So, lets go back to talking about how you received your flowers. Did you know that plastic often has a static charge that can attract precious trichomes? That means when your flowers are in a plastic bag, they are losing their trichomes to static electricity, which means your flowers are less potent all because of that damn plastic bag.

It's also important to consider the amount of air the buds receive when in storage. Too much air will speed up the degradation process as the cannabinoids and other organic matter are exposed to oxygen. While too little air an greatly affect the RH, especially if the buds are not completely dried before storage. Glass containers and vacuum seals are recommended to minimize oxygen exposure. We personally love our ReStash Jar.


Where Do I Store My Flowers?

Glass containers and vacuum seals are recommended to minimize oxygen exposure. We personally love our ReStash Jar, but something as simple as a mason jar will suffice. It is not recommended to put your flowers in the refrigerator because there are fluctuations in humidity with the door being opened and closed. The freezer isn't a good idea either - the extreme cold will make those trichomes bitter and they'll fall off instantly when you finally break it down.

Hygrometers (used for measuring the water vapor) and products like Boveda are excellent for monitoring and controlling the RH where your cannabis is being stored. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight - or light period. Do not keep your cannabis around electronics or any device that gives off heat. The absolute best places for storage are on a shelf, a low cupboard or in the basement of your home.